Poleheight in NMEA-setup


I’m very new to this so it might be a silly question, i’m aiming at using my RS2 together with Geomax X-pad android-app by receiving position from NMEA through BT.
The thing i haven’t been able to verify is what Z-position is sent with NMEA, i assume that it is either antenna height or bottom(?) height, ie. should i use 2.134m or 2.0m for poleheight in X-pad?
(with a 2m surveypole)


Hi @micke_lindgren,

In NMEA output, Reach provides the altitude without subtraction the antenna heigh. So you need to specify the antenna height in 2.134 m manually in your software.

Thank you for the clarification @tatiana.andreeva, i was just about to answer my own question!

I did some field-testing yesterday and came to the same conclusion by surveying the same point in Reachview and X-pad then comparing the results, but it is good to have it verified and it might help someone else.

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