Point names and codes

To do a survey under:
Survey - Point Name:

It seems I have to re-enter a Point Name, each time I have surveyed/stored a point.
(The point name ‘tab’ goes blank)
Is there a place where I can set “Point Name” options… or add codes?

Scenario :

  1. When I survey a fence for instance, I would like to keep the code “F” until done or want to change to another name/number/code and not enter it all the time…which I am doing now.

  2. I would like to be able to set increments in point names/codes i.e surveying manholes for instance…MH1 - MH2…MH3 etc

Or refer me to the tutorial that explains it. I have not been able to find such a tutorial.

Please advise.

Thanks Wouter


Hi @Wouter,

At the moment, the ReachView Survey tool can’t automatically increment points with custom names. However, it’s possible to increment values in case you use the default naming (Point 1, Point 2, etc).

Overall, thank you for noticing it! We’ll consider adding this feature.

Thank you, Tatiana.
It is a basic but very important feature when surveying.
I’m looking forward to it being featured.
Kind regards Wouter

Hi Tatiana,
It will also be great if a “Code” option can be added together with the new options of manipulating point names/numbers.

Best regards

Hi Wouter,

May I ask you to elaborate on what do you mean by codes to make sure I understand it right?

Point codes are, put very simply, a standardized nomenclature. It’s an attribute for each captured point that can be used by a CAD or GIS program to semi-automatically generate drawings and plans.

It cuts a lot of time at the office if the point type can be recorded correctly in the field.

The issue is that there is no international standard. For certain hardware, the user can enter their local lists in the machine (Leica’s firmware does this), enabling a dropdown menu, or you simply enter a code manually for each point.

It basically boils down to having an extra column in the exported files with a numeric value that can be used to style the entities in a CAD program.

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Hi @Gabriel_C,

Thank you for the clarification! We’ll think about implementing this feature.

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Thanks for this Gabriel.

The code can either be numeric, alphabetic or a combination.
It means an extra "box"to enter the code. i.e - rd ; tree ; 56 ; 27k ; mh etc

i.e. Exporting it will typically be in columns like:

No : LLH : Code
1 LLH - f (fence)
2 LLH - cnrf (corner fence)
3 LLH - cl (centreline)
4 LLH - 1 (spot height)
5 LLH - 2 or tb (top bank)
6 LLH - 99 (tree)

Typically the code will “hold” in subsequent shots until changed.

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In the brackets is only for explaining this and not part of the feature.
That part is normally set up in the GIS/survey software to recognize the feature.

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