Please help! Motor test and ESC Calibration

Hello, I am newbie on Navio and Quadcopter!!

I have succeeded to connect the NAVIO with ssh. :smiley:

Then I needed to calibrate ESCs and test motor! However, I don’t know where to start with.

I have 4 ESCs connected to the NAVIO in order as the picture below. Also I put one power source from PowerDistributionBoard on pin#5.

Then I connected battery with power module, which seems make sense to me.

I want to see the motor spinning without RC transmitter and I am STUCK!!! :mask:

As the picture shown, it has DISARMED message.

Plase help!!

Here you have the vídeo.

take care, vídeo uses mode 1 radio, in my case the Throttle is the left side (mode 2)

Thank you for the reply, but I am trying to setup without RC transmitter!

The APM “ESC” advanced parameter puts the copter in ESC calibration mode at next restart. So I guess you could:

  1. Remove all propellers in case this doesn’t work!
  2. Configure your joystick and ensure it appears as RC input.
  3. Set the ESC parameter to 1, “write parameters”, then reboot/restart APM.
  4. Connect and move the throttle up on the joystick, wait for some beeps, then back down and if you get the other beeps it worked.
  5. Moving the throttle up should then power up all motors at the same time (now synchronized). If one motor starts early/late then it didn’t work.

I haven’t tested that without a receiver, but in theory it should work. Also check the DIY Drones forum about the “ESC” parameter.

You really need a transmitter, I understand you want to do this without, but it’s not safe.

Especially as a self proclaimed newbie.

Even if it’s just there as backup and for the initial pid tuning, it’s arguably the most important piece of kit.

Yes @aquila is right, flying in this mode should be with caution. I’d suggest staying strictly in “auto” modes (remove all other modes from possible switches in APM configuration). By “auto” I mean i.e. takeoff, loiter with RC override or executing a flight plan. It would be very risky to fly in modes where pilot input is required to keep it in the air, especially at take-off and landing.

Maybe you could tune a new mode, by taking a standard mode like loiter, then tweaking the parameters of how much tilt/override is allowed on operator input (not sure of the parameters but you should be able to find them on the APM Copter site) then you will have something in-between manual flight dexterity with auto mode safety :wink: