Outage in log

this request deals with issue noticed in log of 2 different RS2 receivers we operated as base mode.

the receivers were set up for long daily observations on different locations

in RTKlib we noticed lots of outage in #sat and DOP.

it is surprising to noticed that even if we changed site location we still noticed outages during the session (le log of base #04 is very problematic. daily sessions of Day 22 feb and 23 feb was on the same location => lots of outages. daily sessions of day 24 feb, 25 feb , 26 feb were on the same location and here again lots of outages).

attached the logs of each receiver where we noticed outages issues.

would you please investigate and come back , we are very concerned to see that phenomenon.



With that frequent failure you either have failing equipment, or, much more likely, a periodic noise induced on site.
Does this also occur on other sites?

Hi Christian,
yes indeed for that particular project it occurred on different sites, regardless the receiver we used (we used 2 different RS2).

but it’s the first time we noticed such outage.

on a previous projet, we have recorded 5 days of daily log. no outage at all, it was clean.

Have you changed the collection rates maybe?

No the base was logging the data without any intermittent control from an operator.
just logging while seeing satellite constellation.

Hi Antoine,

Would you mind sharing the logs with us? You can email us at support@emlid.com with them.

Also, could you clarify which firmware versions are installed on your devices?

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Hi Svetlana
Logs sent to support mailbox.
firmware installed is firmware version 2.24.2

Hi Antoine,

I’ve received your email. I’ll check the logs and write you back.

Hi Antoine,

Do you use the RTKLib version from our docs?

Hi Svetlana,
I use image


I’ve converted the logs using our version of RTKLib and couldn’t see such outages. Please take a look at the screenshot:

May I ask you to download RTKLib-QT from our docs and check if the issue persists?

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