OPUS not recognizing 30s interval

I went through the NOAA OPUS process (which I’ve done before, successfully with zero issues) and I get a message that the data were collected at a 60s interval, which is not an acceptable interval. But it was collected at 30s. Not sure where to go from here.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Were you using the OPUS preset?
Did you also collect a UBX file (recommend)? If so, you can use Emlid Studio to generate an OPUS ready rinex file.

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Hi @jhlulewicz,

Can you please share the log via PM or send it to support@emlid.com? I’ll try to reproduce the issue myself.

Also, it’s possible to change the interval of the RINEX log in Emlid Studio using Convert to RINEX mode if you have the UBX file as @dpitman suggested:

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for sharing the file!

The reason for this issue is that some epochs in your RINEX log are shown as 60 instead of 00, that’s why OPUS has rejected this log:

> 2023 6 6 12 12 60.0000000 0 11

This happened because your Reach RS2 has outdated firmware. It was fixed in the 29 Reach Firmware. Please update the receiver to avoid this issue, you can check how to do this in our guide.

In the meantime, I’ve converted your log in Emlid Studio with a 30-second interval, and the software fixed the log properly. It was submitted to OPUS successfully, you can find the log and the result in the attached archive.
Jacob.zip (342.1 KB)

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