OPUS for Reach RS2 - Which One to Upload?

From the Reach RS2, that was connected to an NTRIP server, which of these files would I upload to OPUS: solution_dddd_XYZ, raw_dddd_ubx, base_dddd_RTCM3, raw_dddd.obs, or raw_dddd.nav? I ask because if I use .ubx, I receive a message back saying processing was aborted as the dataset contained data for only a single frequency.

Hey John, i do not have a reach RS2 so i have not personally verified that this is possible. but if you search this forum you will find some posts where folks have said it does work. i use a CHC/Igage unit to do OPUS points and i upload .obs and .nav. hopefully someone who has made this work will tell you more.

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Hi John, the correct file to upload is the observation file: *.obs . Iā€™d recommend uploading it in Rinex 2.11 with only GPS observations at 1Hz. You can use RTKCONV to convert a raw *.ubx file to these specifications if need be. Also, wait at least 24hrs after collection before submitting.

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Thank you!

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