OPUS Antenna Height

I have looked for an answer and maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

Within the help documents, it says that Flow will automatically add the 134mm offset for the antenna to the base of the reciever. It also mentions to add the height measurement to the bottom of the reciever within the logging menu. However, when doing OPUS processing and inspecting the observation file, I noticed that 134mm offset has not been added to the total height. So my question is: Does opus account for this offset or is this something I need to add in before running the logging session?

Sorry if this is a very basic question.

On the OPUS page, you specify your pole height (ARP) and you tell OPUS which gnss unit you are using and that will enable it to add the offset to phase center.

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Perfect! Ty for the confirmation. I thought OPUS did add in the offset but I was second guessing my self. Thank you again!

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Just wanted to confirm what Dave said. By the way, we also have a guide about submitting the data to OPUS. Probably, it’ll come in handy for you.

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