One Reach unit to supply corrections?

I have been pondering for a while - Can the Reach be set up in Rover mode but at a known location, then provide it with the llh so that it can broadcast corrections to another GPS?

I am running a GPS guidance system in a tractor and I can’t see the need for a second GPS in the tractor. I have in the past connected a Hemisphere e-dif receiver to my guidance system and it has accepted the differential corrections from that while still using it’s own GPS locations (but now corrected).

Any thoughts on how this could be set up?

Hi Bruce,

Could you please elaborate more on what you are trying to achieve? Reach can be set up as a base on a known location and broadcast RTCM3 corrections to other units. Is your application different?

Yes. Instead of the corrections being broadcast for processing by another Reach unit I would like to be able to process the corrections with my guidance GPS device. This would mean the corrections would need to be in ASCII NMEA format that has the signal quality attribute in the GGA string set to dgps or fix.

I can see that it would be easily achieved by setting up the base with the rover nearby, then transmitting the rover’s position to my tractor. My question is regarding the need for two units to achieve this


Just to clarify:

You want Reach to send NMEA GGA data with signal quality flag set to fix or dgps? Do you mean that it needs to be hardcoded? And data will be processed by your receiver as corrections?

I believe so. I am just trying to track down what formats can be processed by the guidance system. Further research today indicates that it can be configured to accept more formats than I originally thought.

NMEA is used for sending position, for correction usually RTCM3 is used.

Yes of course. So how can I send RTCM in ascii?

RTCM3 is a binary format, why would you need corrections in ASCII?


Thanks for your patience. I am trying to get up to speed on all this :slight_smile:

I have been grasping at straws for the reason my gps guidance can’t get the corrections. Now I have found out that it requires RTCM2.0 (Old hardware!).

Can the rover log the corrections as RTCM2.0 and send out on UART?


Hi Bruce,

Reach can’t output RTCM2.0 corrections, it uses RTCM3. This is also is not something that we will implement in the future.

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