One base + many rovers?

I wonder if following configuration would be possible: one Reach device set up as a base + 4 Reach devices set up as rovers, communicating with the same base.
Is it possible to configure Reach for such a setup? Will I be able to acquire localisation of all 4 rovers?
If not, is it possible to customize Reach software for this purpose?
Cheers! :smile:

Sure, any amount of rovers can use corrections from one base station. You can set up the base to send corrections over TCP or just connect a radio over UART and all rovers should have radios that will listen to broadcasted messages. We have big hopes for PylonGPS project that will enable simple broadcasting of correction over the internet and will integrate with Reach nicely.


I want to use 1 reach as a base station and 3 more modules as rovers.To send corrections to the rovers via TCP it’s needed to have internet connection or can i do it with a local network?

Thanks! =D

@AlfredoAC No need for the internet, local network is enough.