NTRIP on iPhone

Hi alll,

Noob here, so apologies if this is old ground.

I’m trying to use Reach RS+ with iPhone 8 and it seems unable to connect to NTRIP services.

If I have the RS+ connected fo the caster via office wifi it works fine and fixes DGPS solution easily.

When I try using 4G on iPhone, I can’t access the NTRIP feed.


Just to start with the basics, and because it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in your post, can you connect to ReachView ?

Yes, no problem connecting to ReachView

If you connect to the NTRIP url in Safari (so from the phone), do you get the text listing the stations ?

I haven’t tried that - but I do know the details I’m using are correct

Hi @shaun.canning,

I’ve just tested it on iPhone 8, there are no issues with connection to NTRIP service.

Could you please share the screenshot of “Correction input” ReachView page when you’re unable to connect? Did you use your iPhone as a hotspot?

Hi Tatiana, all it does is not show a mount point. Every thing else is identical.

There are no instructions anywhere about how to set the RS+ up to use a hotspot. Do you have a set of instructions so that I can set it up properly and then see if it works?


Hi @shaun.canning,

You can connect Reach to iPhone hotspot in ReachView Wi-Fi tab. Once Reach RS has the Internet connection, you’ll be able to receive NTRIP corrections.

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