NTRIP corrections

Going through the Emlid videos, it states to get cm accuracy you would need your base connected to NTRIP as well as the sats to get cm accuracy in averaged fix mode? If you didn’t have the NTRIP connection, what sort of accuracy are you getting with a base and rover, especially if you was trying to determine a point you wished to attach coordinates too. Thus if I wanted to set my total station up, but had no fixed point, using the emlid rover and base I could do the topo and mark a point on the ground and attach coordinates to it from the emlid, in case I needed precision setting out with the total station at a later date. Also, whats the best (or free!) NTRIP service to connect too?

(Absoute) Accuracy of the rover+local base setup will primarily be defined by the placement of base.
Precision is defined by your your baseline, and will be the same using NTRIP or a local base.

Yep, I have been doing it like this as well. Having a base-point, setup up the base, then measure 2 or more points far from each other with the rover, so I have a Total Station setup point and a single/multiple backsight point(s).

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