NTRIP connection but no corrections

I finally unboxed my Reach RS today and updated it to 2.5.3. Then I configured the NTRIP server. It connected immediately. (Slick!) I see the correction count incrementing. (“rtcm: 1029 (73), other3(73)”)

Unfortunately, I am not seeing any updates. My differential age is 0.0 and the solution remains Single. My Positioning Mode is Kinematic. I have tried all of the RTCM3 mount points from my provider (Indiana DOT CORS).

Am I missing something simple?

Are you seeing the gray color bars on the “Status” page (and are they changing)? That shows if you are getting the Base corrections from the NTRIP. Go to Florida DOT web page, setup an account, and try to connect to it using AG1 for the Mountpoint, see if you get a FLOAT solution, in order to check a different NTRIP.

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I restarted it the Reach RS this morning. I have it configured to use my phone hotspot and it had lost connectivity when I went to the field. (It doesn’t reconnect?)

Now I see the gray bars and corrections seem to be flowing. I got a Float solution almost immediately…and now I have Fix.

Thanks for the help. I need to survey my last corn field so my robot can plant in it. My ATV just came back from the shop so I plan to screw the RS onto it. I should be able to quickly survey a field this way. I just need to learn to use the logging.

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