Not getting fix on v2.20.8


I have updated my RS2 to v2.20.8 recently after holding on to the prevision version for some time. Previously i used to get fix within seconds but since updating to v2.20.8 i am rarely getting fix, and once i get fix after waiting for several minutes it is not stable. My correction input is working fine and i am receiving correction from the base station. I was just wondering how i could go about fixing this problem and getting fix within seconds.

Hi @kchapagain,

There were no significant changes that could affect the RTK calculation algorithm on the v2.20.8 firmware version, so updating hardly can cause the issue.

Could you please clarify what’s the correction source for your Reach RS2 rover? Does it get RTCM messages from NTRIP caster?

I also talked about this. After version 2.20.7, RS2 is unstable, the fixed solution is constantly disappearing. There is nothing to do with the base stations. All the same, you need to look at what is happening. We don’t understand anything there.

Hey there,

Please don’t hesitate to create a new thread with the report about your issue, it should contain the following information:

  1. Firmware image and ReachView version.
  2. System report.
  3. Detailed problem description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
  4. Your step by step actions.
  5. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  6. If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

This way we can take a look. As Tatiana mentioned, the update couldn’t affect RTK performance but, if the issue is there, we don’t have data to investigate. Would be great if you could share it with us.

I don’t think the issue is with the RTK settings either and i am also getting connection to the base station.

Hi Kesh,

May I ask you to click on the “∨” button located in the bottom right corner of the Base correction field? It’ll open the list of RTCM3 messages Reach is getting from the caster. Please make a screenshot and post it in.


Hi Tatiana,

Kesh is away today, but in order to keep things moving I have captured a screenshot of the RTK screen as you requested.

We noticed that some of the message numbers in parentheses () were changing as we watched, although they remained on the values seen in the screenshot most of the time.

To add to Kesh’s explanation, we have used the RS2 with fast and good “Fixing” until we upgraded to 2.20.8 and then obtaining a fix solution was intermittent (if at all). We also have an RS+ (that we purchased the RS2 to replace) and it subscribes to the same caster. We have not recently updated the RS+ firmware and on a good day it now obtains a fix when the RS2 cannot (and this is at a range of 35km from the base station). Either the firmware has changed the way the RS2 uses the base station messages or the messages have changed - but that would not explain why the RS+ can still obtain fix.

Thanks for your help so far.

Hi Peter,

Reach RS2 should work fine with this set of messages.

It’s a normal situation. The rate of changing message number depends on how often the caster broadcast them. Some of the messages may be transmitted less frequently than others because the receiver doesn’t need to get them too often.

May I ask you to conduct a test with both Reach RS2 and Reach RS+ devices getting corrections from the same caster in the same conditions? Please configure them to accept corrections in RTK and record 20-minutes logs in the Logging tab. In the result, please, send me the following files from both devices:

  • raw data log
  • position log
  • base correction log
  • Full system report

This guide explains how to get all these files from Reach.

Hi Tatiana,

Today i conducted a test with both Reach RS2 and Reach RS+ devices getting corrections from the same caster in the same conditions, they were configured to accept corrections in RTK and i recorded about 20-30 minutes logs in the Logging tab as you requested.

Surprisingly they both got fix fairly quickly and it was stable for the duration of logging. This wasn’t happening on the updated version (v2.20.8) of RS2 for last 3 weeks since the update (i did several test with no fast and stable fix). All of sudden it seems to be behaving like we expected (getting fast and stable fix), not entirely sure why?

I have uploaded the following data of both Reach RS2 and Reach RS+ as requested into the dropbox (link provided below)

  • raw data log
  • position log
  • base correction log and
  • Full system report

Thanks, Hopefully you will be able to find issues if there is any :smiley:

Reach RS+

Reach RS2

Hi Kesh,

Good news that Reach RS2 worked fine this time!
Anyway, I’ll check the data and write back to you.

Hi Kesh,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

I have checked the data and don’t see any issues with it. Reach RS2 was maintaining the fix solution most of the surveying time (91.5%), which is quite good.

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