No Steady Network State

When starting up my Reach module, the module does not stay in either WiFi or Hotspot mode long enough for me to connect with my computer.

I have a Reach RTK GNSS module like these. It has been previously used, but I reflashed it yesterday. I set the module up with my mobile hotspot (does not work at all on WiFi at my work).

When my mobile hotspot is off, it tries scanning for a network for a few minutes, then gives up and enters hotspot mode (as it should). However, it only stays in hotspot for a few seconds before scanning again, which is not enough time for me to connect with my laptop on ReachView.

When my mobile hotspot is on, it connects after a few minutes but loses connection every ~30 seconds. Today it took me about half and hour before it would stay connected long enough for my laptop to connect with ReachView.

My end goal is to send coordinates to another device (myRIO) hard wired to the Reach through serial. But the Reach does not output coordinates while trying to connect to WiFi or while running its own hotspot. Once I manage to connect with WiFi, I can turn the Reach’s WiFi off through ReachView and the module works fine. I don’t want to spend a half hour on every reboot doing this though.

Also, if the Reach is connected to WiFi long enough, I can tell it to go into hotspot mode through ReachView. It enters hotspot mode for ~10 seconds before scanning for WiFi and exiting that mode.

Firmware image 2.9 and ReachView version 2.10.0-r0

Hi, Is you wifi signal good when connecting reach to your local wifi?
Do you have multiple wifi in your area?
What kind of wifi hardware are you using?
Have you tried using reach in an area with no other wifi and see if it connects and stay connected to your phone longer?

Just to be clear, instead of a typical WiFi network, I am using my mobile hotspot. Only the mobile hotspot has been added to the Reach module.

Yes, WiFi signal is good. Laptop connects to it just fine in the same location.
Yes, there are multiple WiFi networks in the area, but none of them have been added to the Reach module.
What I have built-in on my phone.
Not really an option for my use case. I don’t think it would make a difference since none of the other networks have been added, but I’ll give it a try later.

If it were me, i would first reflash to latest version (download from doc) . Edit :updating to latest is hard without internet :joy:

Multiple wireless networks, specially older one has issues with sending at the same channel.
So if your hotspot at channel 6, there might be other wifi at the same channel causing unstable connection, thats why i would trie in an area with no other wifi.

Your hotspot on the phone might cause it too, try with a different device just to rule out issues with your phone.

Unless you actually know whats causing this problem, doing it this way will get you to the throublemaker faster, instead of throubleshooting to death every option.

Alright, I’ll try reflashing again. I can do it, it just takes a while to connect to internet.
I might also try taking it home and using my home WiFi just to check. Thanks for your help!

I think I finally found the problem. The Reach board was being powered off a 5V pin on the myRIO. I think the pin flickers off every ~30 seconds, causing the Reach to reboot, which takes ~20 seconds. Switched my power supply and everything looks fine. Thanks for the help.

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