"No obs data" from RTKPOST using .18d files

I am trying to play with the public data available from the euref network.
I have downloaded 2 .18d files and 1 matching .18n file from their ftp: ftp://igs.bkg.bund.de/EUREF/obs/2018/178/

However, when I input the 2 .18d files into RTKPOST, I consistently get “No obs data”.

I have tried the same with the sampledata from the Unavco ftp, with success (using Static option). However, their observation files seems to be .18o instead. So what is the difference between the files and what am I doing wrong ?

18.d files is Hatanaka compressed GNSS observation file.
Use this tool http://terras.gsi.go.jp/ja/crx2rnx.html

When downloaded, drag and drop 18.d files over the crx2rnx.exe,
it will create a 18.o files you can use in RTKpost.

Best of luck

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Many thanks!
I also write an email to euref, and they replied the same.
Really cool to play with, RTKLIB!
Now I just need Emlid to start shipping the RS+, hint!

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