No fixed solution with RS2 and M2

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I have been using RS2 and M2 on my drone in PPK mode and I have been getting fixed solution and good accuracies. But I did one flight yesterday and I am not getting fixes. There were two changes compared to the flights earlier

  1. There was a lot of cloud cover and fog in the sky. Does cloud cover affect fixes in PPK processing?
  2. RTCM3 messages frequency in Base mode tab was changed from default 0.1 hz to 10 hz. My understanding is that, these RTCM3 messages are for RTK mode and not for PPK. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks a tonne in advance.

Shouldn’t affect it too much, no.

Only if you use the resulting base log from the rover for post-processing.

Can you post your raw-files for reproduction?

Hi Vidyasagar,

Agree with Christian: to answer your questions, we need to see the logs ourselves. Cloudy weather shouldn’t affect the signals a lot, but SNR speaks better. Probably, there are other factors, which influence the quality.

Regarding RTCM3, you’re right. They are mostly for RTK. It may refer to PPK workflow if you decide to use the Base corrections log from the rover instead of the base’s Raw data log.

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