No fix with CORS

Now, I’m trying get correction from cors, for the first time I try cors near by my home about 2kms. But I couldn’t get fix. I turned off glonass AR.

What other settings do you use? continuous/fix&hold, etc
Antenna has clear sky view?
For how long have you tried?
Is it service using vrs? are you reciving rinex format? version?

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Do you “Send NMEA position back to base” selected?

Have you had any fixes? When were you collecting data?

I was having trouble using an ideal setup - Reach connected to a Dorne Margolin antenna - Ntrip corrections from a base less 2.5 km away. Then I looked at the Kp index and I was collecting during a period when the Kp index was above 4. Even the survey grade receivers I have had a problem during the little event at 0000 GMT March 31.

I tried almost 1 hour. But fortunately for 10 minutes I tried, cloudy, I got fixed less than 1cm, about 5mm, half hours after I posted this discussion. Thank you all for your kind replies.

I use fixed and hold, and I received rtcm3.
@egor.fedorov, I checked “send back NMEA position”

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Fix&hold take longer time to converge fix if you get bad in the loop.
I find continuous more suited for this kind of positioning and recovers faster from float to fix.

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Thank you, maybe in other time I will consider continues besides fix and hold.