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No fix in reality means no accuracy mean reach is not usable

(Antonio Arns) #21

Hi my topic " No fix No float using 3dr" was out, so I update to reachview 0.4.9, and nothing change. Yesterday I try to make Fix but I past 2 hours and don’t get fix or float. I think my problem is with gps signal level, because just one or two bars get above 45 Snr level, my gray bars dont drop at any moment. I attached one picture of my hardware configuration, please some one can help me. Thanks

(Mikhail) #22


Yes, only two satellites above 45 does not sound like a good reception.
The hood may be a bad placement for the antenna - big part of the view is obstructed by the windshield.
If the car is running it may also produce RF noise.

Try to make two ground planes for antennas and put them on tripods (or just sticks) a little bit higher.

(Franz Helmli) #23

dear @igor.vereninov

4 weeks are gone since i started the thread. You said it would take you a few weeks.

can you please give us a estimation when it will be finshed? A week or a month ?
Will there be one big release or a few small ones?

thank yiou and best regards

(Franz Helmli) #24

dear @igor.vereninov

Is there any information on time when the new software will be done?
Are some parts of the problem resolved?
Is there anything we can test?


  1. August: I come up with a problem
  2. August (3 weeks later): promise that there will be a solution in a few weeks
    18.September (7.5 weeks after first email): question about progress with now response.
    6.Oktober (10 weeks after first email): this email

I would be pleased if I can get an answer. This there any hope that before the winter begins is a new version available?

Thank you and best regards

(Igor Vereninov) #25

Dear Franz,

I need to be clear here, there was no promise to make the workflow that you want work. Yes, we are working on the new app that should be released soon, but it will not help with positioning in the forest or make float as precise as fix. There was no actual problem report in the first place.

If you can post raw data logs of the situation when you are not getting a fixed solution we can certainly look at them and try to find the cause (As we did when you were no getting fix from NTIP).

Best regards,

(Pat Savard) #26

Same for us here too!

Unable to make it work under daily work. Trying to make it work on known base coordinate is a pain… never stay fixed more than a couple of minutes or worst, never get fixed! We bought two kits to be able to replace our old Trimble kit… I just spent many dollars and now that Emlid Reach RS are only paper press!

Lost a lot of hours testing and learning… working together with a surveyor, comparing results and keep trying to find a workflow that will be stable… a total fail! We all know that time is money, so I evaluate that the final cost is just to ridiculous to be written here.

It’s frustrating for sure but it’s more disappointing!

Conclusion here: Emlid ReachRS is simply not a professional tool. You can spend money and use it as a learning tool but not more! Don’t even think to be accurate with that over the time. You will bust any job that need to be geodesic. Nad post processing with a unstable algorithm is no more professional.

Positive points: Emlid team is working hard to give technical support.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #27

Hi Pat,

Sorry to hear you’ve got issues with configuring RS and getting fix.

Our team and our community indeed work hard on assisting users who just start with Reach and need help with setting up.

You can share the configuration of your base and rover and send us logs and we will be happy to look through them and help you to find stable workflow for you application.

(Pat Savard) #28

I just sent a email with our logs.

Waiting for a reply

(Pat Savard) #29

Never get reply so… can’t update the situation

(Simon Allen) #30

So what version of Reachview are you running?
RV2.9.3 has proven very stable. and delivers a good real time kinematic solution for me.

(Pat Savard) #31

We never got something stable under 2.9.3 and we tested with 2.10.0.

Something is going wrong for sure with my settings…

(Simon Allen) #32

Post screen shots of your rover set up
RTK settings and Correction input