No data in log


When starting a new RINEX log, no new file is created and no raw data is being recorded by the RS2.

What could be the problem?

I’ve had this happen to me using the M2’s I have. It turned out the power source was about dead.

The battery was fully charged, so that could not have been the problem.

Hi Lex,

Could you please clarify what happens when you reload the Logging tab after turning the logging on? I believe it will help me to see the full picture.

hola buenas colega, tengo un problema similar. pero en mi caso podrias aclararme como descargo o exporto los datos UBX para poder transformarlos a RINEX en el RTKLIB . quiero probar un post proceso y no puedo acceder a esta informacion importante . saludos estimado y gracias de antemano

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Hi Andres,

Reach can collect UBX and RINEX logs simultaneously. To download the UBX log from ReachView 3, you can press this button:

If I understand correctly that no logs appear in the list when you enable logging, could you please reload the Logging tab and tell me whether anything changes?