New user general use of Reach RS+ (simple)

I cannot wait until my Reach RS+ arrives, and have plenty of work for it. Without having to read through and find the relevant sections within this beautiful community, will i be able to do the following with my unit -

  1. code the points within the app i.e - kerb, tree, road, building etc.
  2. will this coding come out in the download dxf file
  3. how can i convert the dxf file or other so that it relates to the OSGB grid and is recognised as OSGB in AutoCAD.

I simply need a system which measures points accurately to be used within a topo survey or cadastral survey so that I can prepare my plans in autocad.

Any help, suggestions, commentswould be appreciated so I get off on the right foot.

Hi @rowleysurveying.

Unfortunately, what you’re trying to achieve from the survey section of the app isn’t possible (yet). You’ll find a similar discussion in this thread:

It might come in the future, I know that local reference systems is in the works already. As for point codes, nothing prevents you from using an outside surveying app in the meantime.

Hi @rowleysurveying,

As was said above, point classification is not supported in the ReachView app at the moment.

However, you can integrate your Reach RS+ device with a 3rd-party app that supports these features. This guide shows how to do that and which apps were already tested.

Thanks mate. I started that thread.

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