NEW user for reach RTK

I am a new user for reach RTK, I am in process of getting on reach RTK kit for land surveying. Please let me know what other equipments do I need to successfully do land surveying, I understand I would be needing a laptop for wifi connection and for powering the kit. Is there off the shelf base I can buy to connect my antenna to the ground surface? and do I need any other equipments along with the kit. thanks

I am also interested in the use of REACH for surveying. What equipment do I need in addition to the receiver chip? Is this suitable for someone with very little programming experience?

@sphillips It depends on the exact goals and capabilities. There’s definitely no requirement to program anything :slight_smile: If you’re going to post-process then all you need is to power the Reach modules (e.g. powerbank, laptop, etc.) and something to place the antenna on.

Okay, thanks!

I will be surveying in locations without wifi so I would use a radio signal for communication between the base and rover at a distance of several hundred meters. Is this possible with Reach?

Yes, it is possible to connect one Reach to another using a radio.
But do you really need real-time? Recording the logs and post-processing them is sufficient in many surveying cases.