New tutorials: NTRIP and PPK workflows with Reach

We have put together several new guides to help you with setting up your Reach for work in the field!

NTRIP and placing GCPs

Getting started with NTRIP became much easier with a thorough how-to guide Connecting Reach to the Internet and Working with NTRIP service step-by-step guide.

While working on NTRIP workflow guides, we couldn’t pass by a guide for Placing GCPs in RTK mode. It briefly describes how to record GCP coordinates with Reach RS/RS+ and ReachView app.

Placing GCP with Reach RS+ in RTK mode

PPK with Reach

The knowledge base for PPK workflow is also growing. Earlier we published an article explaining the basic principles of PPK which is very useful to everyone starting with post-processing.

You can now read how to download logs from Reach and how to analyze PPK solution and logs. The detailed tutorial outlines the basic principles of analyzing raw logs before and after post-processing.

Good (left) and bad (right) raw logs explained in our new guide.

We hope you will enjoy new articles! A lot more coming soon.


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