New to collecting GCP's

I am new to using the Emlid RS2 for collecting GCP’s and need some HELP. I got connected to NTRIP in North Carolina USA for a project, I set the RS2 up as a rover to collect GCP’s and created a survey mission in Emlid Flow and started collecting my GCP’s for a lidar project. Now when I export the collected data to a csv, for the coordinate system it says Global CS. I need these points ( 19 ) to be in WGS84 so I can add them to my lidar data. Can anyone help me figure this out ?

I believe Global just mimics whatever the RTN provider is sending. I think NAD83 but @EBE111057 will probably know for sure.

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I agree Michael. I’d contact Gary Thompson at the NC Geodetic Survey
to find out.

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Just wanted to confirm that the Global CS option gives you coordinates in the datum of your NTRIP service. If it’s NAD83, you’ll need to use a GIS app or an online converter to transform the coordinates from NAD83 to WGS84 after the survey.