New released image in RPI2

Hello, i wrote the issue in April 22th about the error in using wifi with the new released image (2017 march)
I was using rpi2 with wifi dongle, and i had errors with the WiFi interface.

Now, i can see the issues about the wlan0 and intwifi0 from other posts
intwifi0 is for the internal wifi adapter in RPI3 to distinguish from the external wifi dongle.

However, the issue with the RPI2, which i wrote in April 22th (“Cannot connect the wifi with the new release image”)
has not been solved until now (at least, i think)
I raised the doubt with the RPI2, but the guys are talking with the RPI3 and it seems it’s working with RPI3.
But, still i’m not sure the new released image is working with the RPI2.
I’m about to start the project with the RPI2, but i’m hesitating with the new released image.
(Last time i wrote the issue in April 22th, i got the old version image from the Emlid faculty with the message)

So, my question is, now is there any problem using the new released image with RPI2?
i’m afraid there are still problems with the wifi dongle.
Is there anyone tested the new released image with RPI2?



There should be no problems with wi-fi on RPi2.

1.Could you please post here photo of your RPi with the dongle?
2.Which steps did you perform to configure wi-fi on RPi?

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