New Reach M+ just sat there looking expensive - but now working

I just unboxed a brand new Reach M+.
Plugged into USB.
Orange LED comes on.
USB manger find a device called Neutis_N5, but no driver.
Unit gets warm
No hotspot starts
No flashing LEDS, just a single steady orange LED.
then nothing…I guess I could use it to keep my tea warm.

Any help? Here’s a joke in exchange for your help.

Q: What did the spider do on the computer?
A: Made a website!

Expensive? Trimble, Topcon, Leica, etc… now THAT’S expensive.

Seems lately some various problems with some of the new processor based units… search around here (thermal shut down, no lights, no wifi, etc) and read up on them and contact Emlid about it to see what they can offer to help? I.e. ReachView update. Some posts have email contacts to reach out to them.

I removed my post above because it was geared for RS+, not M+. Oops, sorry.

I guess the next best advice I can offer is if it doesn’t behave like you would expect, reflash the firmware:

I wanted to get your attention…and as a hobby user just getting into it it feels expensive.
I found an issue, and already a work around.
I tried it on 2 separate powered USB hubs connected to a Windows 10 PC. Nothing but orange LED. Both hubs have many multi-outlets but with no other loading attached. Left connected to each about 30 minutes to make sure I wasn’t rushing it.
But on a pure charger it booted after a couple minutes. Perhaps there is a bug that prevents booting the radio when there is a USB connection. <— I take it back, I have found no bug. It was user error. By that I mean I was being stupid.

Thanks for reply.

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How many milliAmps of output is the power adapter on your USB powered hubs, and how many milliAmps is the output of your pure charger?

It’s a good question…is there any way I can blame my wife for switching off the outlet strip that the USB hubs were using without it sounding like I’m throwing her under a bus? :flushed:


too late!



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