New processing rig

Your drop of million points does not make sense to me, regardless of how long it took. Were processing parameters identical?

Most obviously note the change in the hardware setup, but it was the same configuration template and I lost 887k points of 35 million. It may sound like a lot, but in reality it’s little more than a 2% variance. If you’ve ever processed a project more than once and then run it against itself you wouldn’t be surprised.

Yes, but I have processed many of projects multiple times with same parameters and can generally expect the same results every time. Have not run against different hardware setups though.

I was lent to believe hardware setup has a greater influence on processing speed rather than the output results, even at only a 2% variance this is a substantial number of points. This is just some theoretical musings but where did those points million points go? Where they dropped because they were too “difficult” to process?

Nice rig by the way and cool red lights, mine has blue lights with an alien on it. Makes cool sounds like spaceship when processing.

yeah, that’s the sound of fans of the CPU(s) cores and GPU(s) cores HEATING UP so you can sear your filet mignon on it.

I figured out the missing points. I ran three different flights for the map and I missed uploading one of the nadir sets that were part of a structure scan. They overlapped other images so I didn’t catch it on the screen. Re-running the dual card (non-SLI) again now. Also, I found another GTX 960 cheap so I can swap out and run SLI as another test.

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