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New Emlid Raspbian Stable image [emlid-raspbian-20190227]

(Alexey Bulatov) #1

Hello guys!

We’ve released the new image for Navio. Check the list of new features:

  1. ArduPilot binaries are now:

    • ArduCopter: 3.6.5
    • ArduPlane: 3.9.5
    • ArduRover: 3.4.2
    • ArduSub: 3.5.3
  2. Kernel was updated to 4.14.95

  3. Added support for Raspberry PI 3 Model A+

  4. Added pigpio package. Now examples for Navio can be compiled on the fresh image without installing additional packages

  5. Emlidtool v1.0.8:

    • Test for checking RCIO version
    • Info about RCIO firmware
    • ArduSub setup

To update to the latest version you can use this command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Waiting for your feedback!

New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
EKF Status velocity_horiz Off
Navio2 , Mission planner, AP lidar A2
Rapberry pi 3 A plus
(Andrew Yushkevich) pinned #2


Are there any info about Ardurover 3.5 with the new Arduboat? If anyone has tested it with the Navio?

(Marc Lebret) #4


Update went fine. Thanks for your work.

Do you have some work in progress for Edge unit. There is a new compute module CM3+ with 8 to 32 GB memory option. Will you update the kernel for it and can we expect a version with latest Ardupilot firmware and a QGroundControl 3.5 for Edge.


(Tatiana Andreeva) #6

Hi @mlebret,

In the meantime, we don’t have plans on updating Edge.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any estimates on when we might update the ArduPilot version for Edge.

(Barry Bolton) #8

Please add Antenna Tracker:grinning:

(Tatiana Andreeva) #10

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

I’ve answered you here:

(Barry Bolton) #12

Yes, thanks to Mark. It is not going to hurt you if you implement it though. Maybe if it is there more people would use it.