Need suggestions for rooftop base station

Hi @emlid team, what will happen if I use about 6 pieces of antenna cable extension ( for base station on the rooftop? Any better suggestions for base station, the antenna on the roof, and the reach in my room. And what kind of material is better for cover the antenna?
(Antenna=reach supplied antenna)

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i think it is better to use 1 cable with 12 m… with every connection you might use quality


you can order a cable you need …

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Is that antenna doesn’t need external power supply for reach? Reach is 5V with 0.5A. Can reach powering this antenna?

This might be helpful
We use a pair of TW3740. Had to run a 60m cable to make it reach our office.

Is that not need external power?

Powered from Reach.

Thank you @andrew.yushkevich and @igor.vereninov.

Why use two antennas?

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