Navo2 DF13 ADC Connector

I need to connect the SF10 rangefinder module to the Navio2 via an Analog connection so where can I get the pin mapping for the Navio2 ADC DF13 connector. Is pin #1 5V or 3.3V? Is pin #6 GND? And which pin can I use to receive the 0-2.56V values? Thanks!

Have a look at this thread:

The ADC pinout is discussed in more detail there, but essentially look at this picture:

Thanks Mike. According to the picture, pin #1 is 5V in the ADC DF13 connector and pin #6 is GND. However, it seems that pin #3 (blue wire) is the one I will connect to receive the 0-2.56V values. Hopefully, the emlid folks can chime in and confirm that before I crimp terminals for the rangefinder connector. Thanks again!

no problem @Al_B - you’ve got the right idea. It might be worth breadboarding up a mock of your cable to make sure you’ve got everything in the right place before you crimp - I found the C++ example code very useful here just to test that I had things wired up correctly.

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Mike already explained it, so I am just confirming. You can also see the pinout on the bottom of the board.

Mike, the rangefinder seems to work fine on CH4 (green wire) as well as on CH5 (blue wire) as long as you set the RNGFIND_PIN to 5 for CH4 or to 4 for CH5. In your case, do you notice any accuracy difference between CH4 and CH5? Thanks again!

@Al_B - I’m running the sonar on CH4 and airspeed on CH5. No accuracy issues on either channel!