Navio2 Rpi Bluetooth

Quick question.

IS the Rpi Bluetooth turned on by defualt with the Navio2 Raspbian image?

As far as I know, you have to add this to your /boot/config.txt file to disable the WiFi and/or Bluetooth for just about any distro:
Pi3 any variant:


There was a conflict between Bluetooth and ttyAMA0

Hi Barry,

The built-in Raspberry Bluetooth is disabled by default, because, as Marc said, there is a conflict with ttyAMA0.

/dev/ttyAMA0 can be the TX, RX pins. However, on the Raspberry Pi 3b, it was used for Bluetooth.

My apologies, Emlid must have disabled it a different way in their default image then, because I didn’t see dtoverlay=disable-BT in my config file. Doing a quick search, it seems there are at least three ways to disable the BT or WiFi; I had only used the dtoverlay method before.

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