Navio2 Remote Output Trigger


I’m trying to have my Navio2 (running ArduCopter 3.4-rc1) output a simple on/off signal in response to the camera trigger command issued from the latest version of Mission Planner (1.3.44 for Windows 10), but can’t seem to generate any output.

I’ve configured the ardupilot parameters as in the screen shots below, with RC channel 7 triggering the camera function, and I see that mission planner logs the photo event in my flight data when I press the RC transmitter’s button, but I don’t seem to actually get any output on servo pin 12.

I assume my port declaration is wrong, any advice?

Before trying to dig into the issue, I’d like to know if there’s any specific reason you stick to AC-3.4rc1? The latest package is a stable one! I suggest running this one and try again if that’s possible.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not particularly attached to the version I’m using, I just use the auto-updater commands from the documentation pages and run with whatever that gives me.But I’m kinda new to everything so don’t really know how to work things all that well.

Is there an easy way to upgrade to that version?

I should also mention this is for a university project due soon so I don’t want to be dealing with software gremlins.

It’s not a gremlin (nice term, btw)! We call it a beta because we wanted to have as much feedbacks possible before calling it a stable release. I guess we put it off too long, though. It is safe to use.

Thanks. Suppose it’s just my way of saying bugs.

For the record, I tried this and encountered the same issue as these guys.

So I’m now reverting back to my previous installation setup. If you fix soon it I might consider re-upgrading, but in the meantime, is there any way to fix my original issue?


Fair enough. Thanks for the input, anyways.

Sure. I just managed to toggle GPIO pin using RELAY commands.

In order to do that you need to set only one parameter:

CAM_RELAY_PIN to either 17 or 18

This pinout will help you to understand what pins are getting toggled. (these are the ones on UART connector).

Steps to reproduce: --connect param set RELAY_PIN 17 relay set 0 1 relay set 0 0

Looks like a solid solution, thanks a lot for all your help!

EDIT: Mission Planner Implementation

I was able to write an output signal to Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO 17, one of the unused ports in the UART block, using the following parameters in the mission planner full parameter tree, then triggering channel 7 on my RC transmitter:

CAM>    CAM_DURATION      30              (3 second pulse)
CAM>    CAM_RELAY_ON      1               (High on Trigger)
CAM>    CAM_TRIGGER_TYPE  1               (Relay)
        CH7_OPT           9               (Camera Trigger)
RELAY>  RELAY_DEFAULT     0               (Off by default)
RELAY>  RELAY_PIN         17              (Unused pin connected to GPIO 17)

Hope this helps and random passers by.