Navio2 powering from ESC or PDB

we have a drone competition in the following couple of days and unfortunately the navio2 power module is outputting 1v but when we connected the power through the raspberry pi charger it works fine , with some tests we concluded that the power model is not working my questions are as followed:

1 is our power model burned?
2 we managed to power the navio2 from an ESC(from navio2 servo rail) or from PDB (it is producing 5v and is connected to navio2 power port 5VIN and GND) could this setup produce any problem when we fly the drone?

Hi Hussein,

Hope I’m not late!

If the voltage on your power module pins is 1V, definitely something went wrong with it. If it was burned, you could see the signs of it on the internal components. I suggest checking that the issue didn’t come from the battery side.

Navio2 can be powered by a BEC on the servo rail if there’s no power from the power module. It won’t provide any unexpected behavior.

Regarding the PDB, the stability of powering depends on this device’s capabilities. If it provides power within the 4.8-5.3V range, it should be fine.

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