Navio without rc

Is it possible to use navio only with a joystick of mission planner?
Can i calibrate esc with out rc and make testonly from mission planner?

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I’m also trying to figure out ESC calibration (without rc remote) with Navio+.
I found this documentation from 3D Robotics about using mavlink to initiate calibration mode.

Edit: My ESCs were re-calibrated by running the RC3 PWM minimum around max before the ESCs are powered on, power on ESCs, then it beeps differently, return to netural (around 1001+) ,beep, should be done.

PWM can be set in APM under config/adv.Parameters and search for the RC(X) that you are using. I think it’s RC3 by default.

Any luck calibrating ESC without transmitter?

Just connect to the pi by USB or ssh and use the RC3 min parameter to act as your max and min throttle.

Good news! one servo start spinning after a calibration :smile: without transmitter. The other esc’s continue beeping like something is wrong and they do not run :

It was a power issue. Now it is calibrated thanks