Navio Education discounts

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As a new school year is approaching, we decided to encourage everyone to study more, and we are happy to introduce the educational discounts for all of you who take part in the studying process.
More than 20 universities all around the world use Navio and we are glad to see people working on their degrees using Navio.
Raspberry Pi is a great platform for learning and we believe that Navio makes it the best way to start discovering robotics and drones. We understand that many of you are just beginning and this is why we are paying a lot of attention to proper documentation and code examples. Vibrant Emlid Community is a great place to get advice and inspiration, looking at impressive projects of more experienced members.
To get a 30% discount please send us an email to briefly describing your project and provide some identification proving your education involvement (email address in 'edu' domain zone will be enough).

Hello, Igor -

I am a big fan of the Navio and an indiegogo supporter (I bought the raw data Navio). Such a big fan, in fact, that I am planning on incorporating several into by doctoral research. I wrote recently about the educational discount but I have not heard back. Can you give me an idea of how long the educational discount review process takes?


Brazilian universities don’t provide students .edu emails.

I do have an .edu email from a past exchange program, but I don’t live in the U.S. anymore.

How should I proceed about the verification process in this case?

Hello Vitor,

You can simply send us a copy of your student id card.

I have posted to regarding educational discount for navio+ for our project…i have also attached project report copy of it…ti haven’t got any responses yet…how much time does this process takes place?help me please

Hi Sriharsha,

Please check your email. I’ve just sent you a discount coupon.

Just sent you guys an email as well! :grinning:

sorry i’ve not recieved the discount coupon yet.

Please send ASAP. I haven’t got the discount coupon yet

I’ve not received the discount coupon yet please anybody respond

Hi Sriharsha,

That’s weird. Anyways, I have sent you one more email and a private message with all discount info.
Hope it helps!

Yup my full name is Sriharsha K…bt ive used proper mail id… How could i face delivery problem? Moreover when would i get my order?? Pls reply ASAP