My Reach M2 doesn't work on the first power up

Hi, I Just go my Reach RS2 and M2 package and try to set them up.

The RS2 set up went on smoothly but when it come to the M2 the following problem comes up.
The only orange LED shows up, even waiting for quite sometimes, nothing changes. What can I do?

Thank you

Hi Eakarat,

Could you please try a USB cable that was in Reach M2 package?

Oh, it’s work now, thank you!!!

Great, thanks for the update.

I see you are using a power bank. Please make sure you use a USB 3.0, it should always supply enough power for Reach M2.


I had the same problem. The power bank I connected initially didn’t have enough power to work with M2.
I did connect the M2 to a USB 3 port in my pc and it worked.
Do you have any suggestion for power banks?

There are no particular suggestions for power banks other than it should have a USB 3.0 to work reliably.

Thanks, I bought a new one and it works great…!

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