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My Quad with RPi2 , Navio+ and a 4G modem

(Mark van Haze) #23

I have been using the same logitech controller on MP as well but I struggle to find a way to take off without using the take off command on the MP/PC. How do you do that and how do you control the throttle/altitude with the jostick since that has a spring to bring it back to center?

(Ole) #24

I fly it in loiter mode. To take off I hold the stick down while I arm it with the “start” button on. When I release the stick and gently push it up a little, it takes off.

APM does not autostart on boot
(Mark van Haze) #25

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the MP joystick mapping window?

(Ole) #26

I would if I could, but at the moment the quad is being rebuilt and it is a little difficult right now.

(Mark van Haze) #27

No problem, when you have time. I simply dont understand the throttle issue. The only way I could change it was by either 1. removing the spring under the joystick so it would not jump back to center, or 2. define the range of the throttle over only the top half of the stick motion via the radio calibration in MP.

(Cesaracardenasru) #28

wondering if you have any picture showing the connections of the components? thanks

(Mike Gala) #29

Hi, I would love to have the setup with navio2,raspberry through 4g. I have all the hardware already. But I’m looking for someone that could right the propers codes and do the setup for me. Since I’m 0 in programming. I willing to pay for this service. Also I have another project that I want to develop. Please if you can reach me on my email at mikegala8@gmail.com so we can discuss about fees. Thank you!