My new "Avengers inspired" and Navio+ Project

My new project is a quadcopter (Avengers inspired) with long flight time, only to let everybody know I have 45 years old… :smile:

This is the POC (proof of concept) before the prototype in carbon fiber, only to see the size and where to install the accessories (ESCs, Board, GPS, etc…etc…) ….

The first Navio+ and “Avengers” combination…… haaah hhaa haaa….
Let’s see…. Attached the first photos….

I’m planning to use Mn4006 T-Motors…
My goal is more than 30 minutes flight time.


Hi Robert,
What does the frame consist of and how you cut it?

Hi Daniel,

this is only a prototype, is made with gass fliber and cuted with a CNC.

the real one will be in carbon fiber…

The shape is awesome:)

Do you have a cnc cutter yourself or just access? I always wanted to build one.

Its mine, but I don’t have time to design using the software etc,etc, , it takes a lot of time…
So a friend is using the CNC for commercial proposal, and the CNC stay in his house.
And when I need, I design the ideas in paper or MS Paint, very high level, and this friend do the job for me.

Good for me and for him.

A good CNC is not easy to keep e maintain, and to built one with high precision is really , really dificult…


I started yesterday the “cosmetic” parts… to fly is 100% done, but is not very very nice looking…

lets see…

Project Finished.

now only more small features to be implemented, Guimbal and 3G

THE BEST, much more than 20 minutes flight time with Strong wind, maybe for the next test 25min with 10% remaining.

long flight time is really easy, but with Strong Wind is another history :slight_smile:

Navio+ with the latest APM firmeware.

bateries = 2x 4s 6500mah


Great job!

I will test a litlle more, but looks really good.

Done, 25 minutes flight time.

final Project with T-motor 2814-10 kv770 (not Mn4006 T-Motors)
Propeller - 13 t-motor
ESC - Opto Rctimer 40

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