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Multiple supply 1A

(Silvain) #1

Hi everyone,

I would like to power my navio2 + rpi with 1A DC / DC converters.

  1. Can I put more than one to have a pretty powerful power supply (I have USB modules on the Rpi3b +).

  2. Can I put one on the PWM rail and another on the power port? In the doc, I write “In case of power module failure Navio+ will switch to power from the servo rail.”, Is it a hard exclusive switch ?

  3. Can I put two on the power port (one on each 5Vin) ?

Thanks for your help

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @Silvain,

We don’t recommend using multiple 1A power sources, it’s better to use one, but more powerful.

(Silvain) #5

Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for your reply, I will change to 3A supply.