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Multi-band Reach RS2 is here!


The ZED-F9P you mean?

The E5b for Galileo


To bad there isn’t a trade in policy! I can’t keep buying all their new products or I should have just bought the “name brands” from the start lol

It is what it is…technology

(Thomas Jones) #24

Oh yea, zed-f9p, not f8p. Sorry.
That’s just what I heard.

(Hunter) #25

Awesome work Emlid team! Beautiful design to house some impressive internals, way to go! Now to get all my other Emlid swag to fund the for the new bigger and better gear :sunglasses:

(Andreas Ortner) #26

Good work - EMLID Team!

Beautiful design. I like the integrated sim !!

Is also a m+ formfactor planned?

(BigBoat) #27

Agree, I just bought the ‘old’ one.

(Brent Wiebe) #28

By buying the old ones (Reach RS) and providing feedback we were able to be part of the R&D process which has been incredibly interesting and satisfying, not to mention informative. If we hadn’t bought the old ones, there would be no new ones! Many of us have provided input which has come to life in this last device…So I know, what now?.. I too would like to trade in all my old ones for a new one, but such is life… It’s not like the old ones lost any functionality, just resale value…

(Christian Grüner) #29

Yeah, the Reach RS L1 products are still nothing short of fantastic.
I honestly don’t think that the RS+ has lost any significant value today. They are still very capable devices, with a price vs performance point, that makes it hard to justify any major resale value down adjustment. The RS2, while priced extremely competitively, is a bigger unit, with a deeply pro aim, can do way more, so you also pay more. If you don’t need all these new fancy, pro features, the Reach RS+ is still a unique product with a unique price point.

(Yasser Arafat Tuanadatu) #30

CONGRATULATIONS! This is what professional surveyors are waiting… A very rubost system. Have to start saving for Rs2. I will still keep my reach M+ and add additional RS2. I knew exactly that Emlid Team has something to offer more. I am very sure that BiGboys GNSS producers are worried now :slight_smile:

(Abel Cruz) #31

Well at least give us the way to finance these equipment because I’m thinking of selling the 2 Rs + to buy these or give us a way to finance


Will it be possible to use and RS2 as a base unit and the RS+ as the Rover? For short baseline work to support UAV ground control survey, the RS+ works fine. But inability to use positioning services like AUSPOS hampered the usability in remote regions without existing survey control. Assuming the radios are compatible, this should be possible?

(Esa Attia) #33

I would like to know this also .

Interested in using an M+ or a ublox module with a lora modem with the RS2 as base station


Very nice device. I hope in RS2 plus version emlid will include tilt compensation.

(Thomas Jones) #35

Stu and Esa:

From what I’ve heard, Yes, the LoRa Radios on M+, RS/RS+, and RS2 can all talk and work together.

This was not automatic. Usually different LoRa radio systems can’t talk due to small variations in standards and how packets are assembled. But I heard it was important for EMLID to use the same LoRa protocols, so all these products can send correction information.

So yes, you could use the RS2 for a BASE, and then use either an RS/RS+ or a M+ or an RS2 as a rover via the built in LoRa.

  • tj.

(Esa Attia) #36

I was thinking of using something like this

with an emlid lora radio module on my rover.

and the RS2 as a base

(Tobias Dahms) #37

I was asked by @dmitriy.ershov to remove links to third party products.

Edit: there has been some excitement about the sentence above. That was not my intention. I accept the right of the owner of the forum but I think it should be clear why I changed my post. If that is not ok just delete the whole post, its ok, but that you will have to do youreself.

A L1/L2 antenna costs more than the L1 version, so I finally understand why Emlid did not simply update the RS and gave it a price tag of 999 €.

Still I think the F9P offers a lot of interesting possibilities, also for DIY solutions.

I also hope that Emlid offers a version which is more comparable with the original Reach. I’m totally satisfied with its performance but more reliability and speed due to more bands would be very welcome.

(BigBoat) #38

Don’t get me wrong, i like the rs+ but i am In a position where i could have waited for the new one if i had known it was coming.

(Christian Grüner) #39

But that new gear will get introduced is a fact. New and better will always get to the market. It is just a matter of when.
For any smaller company needing to have a positive cash flow and bottom line of their accountings, preannouncing these sorts of things would be commercial suicide, as the cash flow would stop in the mean time.

(Jurijs Ješkins) #40

I don’t think it is possible to align Reach RS 2 and RS + in one product line. We are talking about 2 different solutions for 2 different approaches. RS+ is one of a kind affordable solution for those, who doesn’t need all the benefits of multiple frequencies and such level of precision. For example, agriculture or mapping in open field. RS+ will do all the work in such conditions as good, as RS 2 would do. There is still open market for RS+. Also, it is a wonderful product for those, who is just starting surveying or UAV. I will never trade mine RS+ in order to get RS 2, because I know, I will be using them as often, as I was before RS 2 is announced. I think RS+ will only benefit from it.

Congratulations to Emlid!

(Igor Vereninov) #41

Thank you, Jurijs. We also see it like that. Even though I did not mention it in the original post we intend to keep selling and supporting Reach RS+.