Missing Events inVer 2.5


What we are dealing with right now is a hardware limitation. We’ve introduced some confusion by not updating the GNSS settings screen. The old modes we’ve previously made available, like GPS+GLONASS@5 Hz and GPS@14 Hz work the same. For those interested in adding Galileo at rates higher than 1 Hz, we will add a new update rate setting, probably 3 Hz.

Hi, i am having a similar problem. I have processed a flight of 389 shots and only 354 appear in the event file but the same flight processed with topcom tools (magnet) takes out the 389 shots. I have seen that the shots that skip are those of the high standard deviation, more than 1. Can anyone help me?


Could you please PM me the logs so we can take a look?

Same for me : flying around 650 hectares, pixhawk took 1255 images and I have only 1003 events !

Even if I get a nice result in ppk, watch picture below. Configuration with GPS 14Hz.

We clearly see where it’s missing (green = reach (pos file) , red = pixhawk gps from log : gpx file)

Could I send you log (ubx = 80mo) ?

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/ih42c6pwp5e4vhj/raw_201708081005_UBX.zip?dl=0 BASE RINEX
https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5m1qovquw4qtw4/raw_201708081020_RINEX-3_03.zip?dl=0 ROVER RINEX.

And only q2 fix , i don´t now why

Hi @Sylvain_POULAIN,

Could you please check that output if single is set to “on”?

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Hi Igor,
Already tried but got the same result : 1003 events instead of 1255

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Hi @Sylvain_POULAIN,

Could you please upload the log somewhere and send a link?

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Hi @Sylvain_POULAIN,

Did you use GPS 14Hz on in this flight? (No sbas, qzss etc)

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I’m in doubt but may be an issue with cable in my case

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The same problem for me. I can´t see any solution. Shall I have to go back to an older reachview app version.?
Galileo is not important for me now ( I think he died). Please, I need a definitive answer.-Thanks anyway

Going back to the older app version won’t help, as this is the receiver’s internal firmware. Unfortunately, rolling this back is not possible. As long as you stick with one of the configurations I’ve discussed earlier, everything should be fine.

Hi Egor,
Did you get time to watch my logs ?

They found a solution?

Hey Adam,

I am also from Canada and will need to work in the cold environment very soon like -15 degree. Just read you have successfully flew and mapped in the Arctic with Pixhawk and Reach. Just wondering did you experience any problem in such cold weather regarding Pixhawk, Reach and the camera (It looks like you are using a SONY A6000 if I guess right)
Thanks very much!


Hi Tantan,

No problems to report! We were lucky in that the temperature didn’t drop below -10°C while out in the field. We also had a lot of sun, and almost had a problem with the Reach Basestation becoming too hot. I’ve flown the Pixhawk is -25°C and haven’t had any issues. I just always try to keep my batteries as warm as possible. We had 4 sets of batteries while in the Arctic, and stored them in a case with a heat source until they need to be swapped out.


Thanks a lot for your information and recommendation on keeping the batteries warm. We are here in SK can easily get to below -15. In theory we should not fly but we would like to test out and see if every piece of the system is able to work under such low temperature. It will be fun…

Hi I have a Doubt: where change the configuration, for example GPS on 14 Hz, only in the Rover Setup, or both ? or Base can set up different configuration? or base and rover will have equalt configuration systems satellyte and frecuency?



At what time mark input frequency did you do the automated tests? I assume 1 Hz?

In general, you don’t really need base corrections faster than 1 Hz, so yeah, only rover.