Merging RINEX 2.11 Data

Hi Kseniia,

I just updated Emlid Studios, now it works with processing files from an external storage.

As for the number of satelites I still get 9 sats in total, maybe you can share your settings @RoryG ?

Hi @marius.beisswenger, there is only nine satellites in total with your observation, 4 GPS and 5 GLONASS. If you look a the sky plot in my post above the GPS sats are G05 (which briefly dips below 15º during the observation), G18, G26, G27 (partial so probably excluded) and G33. For GLONASS you have R02, R09, R18, R19 and R20.

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Hi Rory,

Fair request! I’ve passed it to the team.

Hi Marius,

Yep, I just wanted to write an update about the fix for processing data from external drives. Nice to know it works for you!

As for the sat numbers, Rory has already shared a detailed explanation.

Has this been updated for the Mac version? I haven’t had a chance to test it yet but I did download it again this morning.

Yes, this fix is out in Emlid Studio 1.1 for both Windows and Mac.

Hi Rory,

Coming back to say that the new Emlid Studio 1.2 remembers the last processing mode :slight_smile:

That’s great Kseniia, it caught me out again the other day!

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