M2 tracking SBAS sats

I don’t remember M2 tracking SBAS satellites in reachview.
Yesterday I noticed 4 SBAS sats in RV.
Screenshot 2022-03-17 173740
Is this normal? Can I disable SBAS sats?

That is normal. Why would you want to disable?

For no apparent reason, I remember reading a sokkia manual suggesting to disable sbas sats.
Anyway I think there is not an option to disable sbas so nothing can be changed.

They are just used as another navigation satellite on emlid, no issue.

The reason to disable SBAS on most systems, usually meaning disabling the WAAS corrections from the SBAS satellites, is because WAAS correction causes more problems than it solves.

Its better to slip out of RTK into autonomous, than it is go into to WAAS and jump and drift.


Hi @vgo195,

Reach M2 indeed can track SBAS sats. As @PotatoFarmer said, Reach doesn’t work with SBAS corrections, so it just gives additional satellite data :slightly_smiling_face:

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