M2 to Ag Leader -UART Output Hz Rate

How do set position output rate of nmea to 5 or 10 hz in Reachview 3? I need GGA and VTG at a minimum of 5hz for an Ag Leader Autosteer? I have it talking just fine but need a faster output rate

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Hi Tyler,

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To increase the NMEA output rate, you can use the web application Reach Panel. You can find it in the Settings tab in ReachView 3 when you press on the name of the receiver. Then, you need to select Position output. There you can increase the output rate of selected NMEA messages. I attached two screenshots as the prompt.

Please note, that their rate must be lower than the update rate for GNSS settings. You can set it due to our guide.


Quick note, VTG will not be populated until you are in motion so if you are getting gga go for a test drive. Only systems utilizing fused gps+imu can start from a standstill.

If you can use 10hz use 10hz, the only reason to use 5hz GGA and VTG is because you are absolutely limited to do so.

Have fun with dual band RTK, Emlid makes RTK easy.


Thank you, I forgot about the Reach Panel and was only looking in the app. I appreciate the help!

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Thanks for the help! I plan to run 10Hz with the SteadySteer

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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