[M2] Timestamp source to synch IMU and PPK?

I’ve managed to draw IMU data from M2 with https://github.com/seandepagnier/RTIMULib2. Now I want to record that data with timestamp into M2 internal storage. To sync IMU and PPK, what timestamp source should I use?

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Hi @fathoni.id,

It is not possible to embed the IMU data directly into the logs recording on the Reach device. Otherwise, the changes may affect Reach’s performance badly, and it would be quite hard to find out the root of what’s going on for us.

The only way to implement it seems to be to sync the IMU and RINEX data on the post-processing stage.

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Well then, I just want every GPS data match an IMU data with same timestamp(1 GPS data for 1 IMU data). My current strategy is oversampling IMU in 100 Hz. But this strategy have unnecessary huge computing and storage usage(1 GPS data for 10 IMU data).

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Never mind, per hour my IMU raw data only log takes 17MB from 300MB free space. Hence I don’t need any compression or reduce my sampling ratio, at least for now.

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