M2 shutter count wrong

Hi Julia,

This seems to contradict the information on the docs page , where it is stated “Maximum voltage on all digital pins 3.3 V”.

Can you please clarify which information is correct?

Kind regards,

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Hi Marcel,

Oh, thanks for noticing! Yep, the correct info is in the specs. The voltage on the event pin should be 3.3 V.

I’ve corrected the info in my previous comment so as not to mislead anyone.

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Hi Julia,
Any news concerning this topic? I see more posts of people with the same problen so it would be very helpful to have a 2nd connection to the FC

Hi @k.harbort,

We have registered your feature request and keep it in mind. However, at the moment, we don’t have plans for it.

Hello @julia.shestakova

it happened again. After flying several hours, my camera took 4996 images and was connected to the original HSA plus cable to the Reach M2. Now, when I want to geotag the images, Emlid Studio (1.6) is looking for 4976 images. What now?
This is so annoying!!!
If you want me to send you the file, let me know!

Hi @k.harbort,

So, the Reach M2 was connected directly to the camera’s hot shoe? Without splitting the cable? Such a setup should work well, let’s see what’s going on. Could you please send me your dataset from this survey? I’ll need raw data logs both from the base and the rover, and the photos.

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Yes, the Reach M2 was connected directly to the cameras hot shoe without any splitting cable.

Got it. Then, I’ll need to check your data to share my thoughts about what’s going on. As we discussed via PM, you can send the files using Google Drive or WeTransfer.


Thank you again for sharing the files. The RINEX log from your rover contains 4996 time marks. And after processing it, Emlid Studio asks for 4996 photos. So it all looks alright:

Do you work with the latest version of Emlid Studio (1.6)? What processing settings did you use? If not the default ones, please reset them, change the filter type to Combined, and process the data once again.

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hm this is strange. I use Emlid Studio 1.6 and reset the settings and changed filter type to combined but still it asks for 4976 images

Hmm, I’ll try to process your data on a different laptop to see if I can reproduce the issue. In the meantime, I’ve sent you a PM with the _events.pos file with 4996 time marks coordinates. You can use it for geotagging.

Hi there,

We’ve investigated this issue with Konrad via PM. The difference in processing was due to the NAV files that were used. The navigation file from the base contained info just about GPS sats. As a result, Emlid Studio only used these in the processing. At the same time, the NAV file from the Reach M2 was mixed. This made it possible to use satellites from all constellations in the processing and improved the results.

There is no general rule on which NAV file to use: from the base or the rover. But I recommend paying attention to the type of file. It’s usually better to use mixed files. They allow more data to be used in the calculations.