M2 Ntrip Reverse

Hi Guys,
Maybe someone might be able to help with this one…

i am wanting to connect my aircraft , however I am not wanting to send corrections via phone and Ntrip to the Aircraft , i am wanting to report back via the phone where the aircraft is.

Anyone got an idea on the best way to do this?

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Hi Ray,

You may output the real-time position to the UAV flight controller if it accepts the NMEA format. For the integration with the aircraft, you may choose a connection via Serial in the ReachView Position output tab. After that, it should be possible to see the flight controller track in any ground control station.

Reach M2 should receive corrections from a base unit or NTRIP base station to achieve centimeter-accurate results. Without the corrections, the device may get only a few meters accuracy. In case you prefer to work with NTRIP, you need to provide the Internet connection to the Reach.

If you work with ArduPilot, you may learn how to configure it for the real-time position output in the ArduPilot integration guide.

yeah it’s not really for RTK at this stage, it’s actual to locate machinery out in the minesite
that is constantly on the move.

Please note that without RTK, you will get the machinery’s coordinates only with a few meters’ accuracy. If you need centimeter accuracy, you may use either a second unit or NTRIP service, as I’ve described above.

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