M2 do not see satts

I have an M2 and there is not satt in the status panel, i have firmware 27 running in the M2.

Hi, did you properly attached the antenna?

Fact. I had an user from far away visiting me to troubleshoot an issue, which turned out to be a poorly inserted antenna cable…

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Hi Amilcar,

Thanks for reaching out! Let me see how I can help.

To start, could you please clarify what antenna do you use? In case you use a 3rd-party antenna, it’ll help me to check if the antenna meets the electrical requirements for Reach M2.

Also, please attach the screenshot of the status bar from the Reach Panel. We need this info to check the solution status. Sometimes it takes more time for Reach Panel to load the data about satellites, even when the receiver is receiving corrections.

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Yep… the cable is usually the suspected cause. Also, if your power source is low on voltage, this will also be suspect. My power source usually last a few days depending on the observation times, however the battery would be the first thing I would suspect. This has happened to me before, but I always have a backup battery. The cables are very delicate, not like the old Trimble cables being 1/2 " in diameter. I also keep a spare antenna cable for each unit just in case.

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