M2 dead again

So this is the second time in 2 weeks my newest M2 won’t boot up. My older unit has never done this. All I get is a solid orange led. Saw a few posts on power supply issues, but I’ve tested with lots of cables and power blocks. Last time I reset it. Don’t really want to do that on a regular basis😂

Hi Shaun,

Sorry that it’s so quiet here.

Yes, red LED only is usually a symptom that the unit doesn’t have enough power to load. What is the power source that you use? Does it meet the Reach M2 specs? To power Reach M2, we recommend using USB 3.0 or a 4.75 - 5.5V source.

You mean reflashing the device, right?

Yes, reflashing fixes the issue until it happens again. As for the power supply, it’s on it’s own Mauch BEC rated at 5.35v @ 3a.


Alright, yep, it shouldn’t cause any issues. When did the issue start? Did something specific happen before that?

Hi Shaun,

Did you have any chance to take a look at my previous comment?

This M2 has done this once before. But like this time, reflashing brought it back to normal operation. Being I have an older M2, both times it’s gone down I’ve swapped it for the older M2. BTW, the older M2 has never had this issue.

O meu M2 comportava-se da mesma maneira, era tambem ligado a um BEC externo, depois de tentativas repetidas ele iniciava a sequencia correta das luzes. No ultimo mes piorou e mandei na assistencia, que dizia que conectando o powerbank direto no USB da placa funcionava, com a bateria externa, não. Imaginei pelo que a assistencia me passou era somente o BEC. Entretanto esta semana veio da assistência no Brasil que as trilhas da placa de interface e de wi-fi estavam queimada, com trilhas quebradas.

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