M2 and M+ Reliability and Maintenance

Do you have documentation or statistics on how often do Reach M+ and M2 need to be replaced, and an average cost to maintain during a year?

Hi Maria,

Sorry for the delay.

Reach M+ and M2 units have a 60-day warranty. We also provide lifetime support for them. I can’t provide you with exact data on the life span of our products, but many of our customers use the original Reach Module since 2015 and it still serves its purpose. You can check our community forum for such examples.


Thank you!
Do you have stats for example: on yearX, you had X failed devices from activated pool + dead on arrival units?
On the support side what is your hr rate for support?


Hi Maria,

Thank you for your request. Our Support Team is always up for help regarding any particular Reach receiver, but we do not have an opportunity to share this kind of stats.

We don’t charge for Support. All you need to get our help is to contact us here or via support@emlid.com.

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