M+ units overheating

We have multiple M+ units in the field, used primarily for logging the LLH tracks of operators doing field surveys. The units are mounted with velcro on their backpack shoulder straps. Temperature outside is 80-90degF during the heat of the day.

The units get very hot to the touch, and occasionally just stop working - presumably due to overheating.

Anyone else having this issue and have any novel approaches?


search, you’ll find more info. email emlid support.

Both mine do. To a point where I get noticeable warpage right about at the Emlid logo IIRC.

I don’t know how to keep cool when out in sun. This seems to be the source of some errors I was seeing on other unit and when feels really hot hotspot drops out

Did you try to modify the black surface to have an higher reflectance? E.g. with the help of aluminium foil? Or put a heatsink on top?

I tested mine, its getting quite hot without direct sunlight…

Hi Noah,

Could you please post photos of the hardware setup?

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